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Individual. Couples. Family. Group. 

Are You at a Crossroads in your Life and Wonder which Path to take?

We can help you to align yourself Emotionally, Psychologically, Physically and Spiritually, which will directly impact what you manifest, who you attract into your life, how you feel about your self and your overall sense of purpose.

*Whether you come for a reading, therapy, counselling, or pathFinding/Working, all sessions are channeled.

Therapy, Counselling, and Reading Session lengths offered are 90mins. $150, 2hrs. $200 or 3hrs. $250. Longer sessions are recommended if you wish to have the time to talk through an issue or are coming in as a couple or family. Phone and Email Sessions are also available.

To make your ONLINE appointment, please visit Online Readings

To make your ONSITE appointment, please visit Consultation

Whether You Come for a Reading, Pathfinding, Pathworking, Therapy, Couple’s Counselling, Spiritual Counselling or a Teaching class, here are a few questions to consider:

• Do you want assistance in gaining clarity to walk your Highest Path?
• Do you want to learn about your Life Lessons to explain the Whys behind your lived experience?
• Are you in crisis or recently coming out of crisis?
• Are you struggling with unresolved anger and addictive coping patterns that lead to ‘feeling stuck’?
• Do you suffer from self esteem issues and want/need to build a toolbox filled with healthy coping strategies?

• Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness and would like to understand the root causes of your dis-ease and heal?
• Are you grieving and confronting illness/loss/death?

• Do you want to meet and hear messages from the Other Side-Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Guide, Ancestral Loved Ones including passed over Loved Ones?
• Do you have psychic abilities and want to develop your gift?

We can help you…

.Understand your soul path, life lessons, and how to consciously navigate, flow and co-create your best life.
.Heal crisis, challenges, and trauma.
.Come into a New You, heal stuckness, denial, fear, anger depression, impulsivity, addiction patterns, and victim mentality.
.Heal from divorce/breakups and improve relationship choices, attachment & commitment issues, and blocks to abundance.

Holistic Integrative Methodology Combining both Western and Eastern Healing Modalities, we focus on healing patterns of suffering while excavating, developing and using gifts for healing and manifesting abundance. Trauma resolution, greater self-awareness and self-understanding, improved patterns of communication, solutions to specific anxieties, enriched relationships, and reduction in feelings of distress are targeted and reached goals in session for those who commit to the journey.


Self-Help & Psychic Mediumship Instruction by Dr. Leanne Levy~Akasha White Wolf


A Teaching Guide About Spirit Communication and Holistic Medicine.

Please visit this link to order the Book: Rainbow Medicine

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