In our weekly Healing and Psychic Mediumship Training class, we begin the evening with a light discussion between us all on a topic relevant to what we do; mediate spirits’ messages and access information about people, pets, situations, and places.

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April 13/15 Discussion Topic

Appropriate and Inappropriate Reading: When is it spying and when is it above board?

Points and questions addressed between us were:

  • “A reading, be it for yourself or another, should always be empowering. When it feels disempowering, you crossed a line.”
  • “If a person says they don’t want a reading, don’t give them a reading, even if you feel a burning need to pass on a message. A person has to want to hear the message for it to be heard, correctly.”
  • “Going through the Higher Self of another to gain permission is always very respectful and ideal.” … “But how do you know when they give you the go ahead?”
  • “When I ask my guides for information, I trust they are giving me information for my/our highest path.”
  • “How far can we go with reading a romantic partner and partnership?” “If it’s to better understand lessons and ways to improve your wellbeing, go as far as you need and your guides will show you the line if/when you cross it, you will know.” “Find out what s/he is willing to listen to and what s/he isn’t.”
  • “When is reading job situations and work people okay?” “When it’s to better understand group politics, navigate, and improve career choices and path.”

April 20/15 Discussion Topic

How to give constructive feedback?

Building on our discussion around the ethics and issues of giving and receiving readings, and preparing everyone to give their feedback to one another about their readings they each gave and received, we followed with the topic Ways of giving constructive feedback. Helpful points addressed between us were:

  • “Be aware that some people are very sensitive and have difficulty with criticism, balance it with confirmation and correction”
  • “Step back from the reading to reflect and make meaning then come forward, perspective helps you to better understand and interpret what you received.”
  • “Receive your reading with grace knowing you asked for it and the person is going to give you what they have, from their personal lense. Accept it, don’t argue.”
  • “Keep it real”
  • “Keep it real and in the Light”
  • “Keep it personal”
  • “Share it in private”
  • “Be aware of your style of reading and feedback, and how you would feel being on the receiving end of your reading and feedback.”

April 27/15 Discussion Topic

Our Relationship with Spirit

We all come to our relationship with spirit in our unique way, but what we, in our Pak/Team, all share in common is the passion for spirit, the gratitude for being able to develop this gift and learn this language together, and the witness of each other’s growth both personally and professionally. Although gone are the days of ignorance around Spirit: fact or fiction, many of us still experience being understood as ‘weird’ for our connection with spirit. And despite some of us who choose to still remain in the spiritual closet for reasons related to work, We all know otherwise.

Two days after class, Above sent Below a message, in response to this discussion about our personal relationships with spirit to encourage our unique paths, through a song by Shawn Mendes called The Life of the Party. Since dancing, singing, family reunions, and weekly dinner parties are metaphors used by spirit to describe what we do together, this was their way to say, Keep on dancing and having fun! Not to mention Death Is the Life at our Party (-:OO;-)

I love it when you dance like there’s nobody there
So when it gets hard, don’t be afraid
We don’t care what them people say

We don’t have to be ordinary
Make your best mistakes
‘Cause we don’t have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party
I’m telling you to take your shot it might be scary
Hearts are gonna break
‘Cause we don’t have the time to be sorry
So baby be the life of the party

Together we can just let go
Pretending like there’s no one else here that we know
Slow dance fall in love as the club track plays
We don’t care what them people say

Come out tonight, come out tonight
There’s no one standing in your way
We don’t care what them people say
So don’t let them keep you down

Oh you know you can’t give up

So baby be the life of the party!

May 1/15 Conversation with my A-Team

Al Sharpton Meets Community Grow-Op Garden

This morning, I asked my guides, “What do you want to talk with me about?” Francesco responded, “Your Al Sharpton cases.” Well, I got such a laugh to hear him describe us this way! So I said, “Continue.” Clairvoyantly, he showed me the image of a plentiful grow op community garden.

When I googled community garden to decode this message further, I found a definition that speaks of a community garden as a model for community living, surrounding society, to show us what dedicated people can achieve when they work together.

These two metaphors Al Sharpton ( a spiritual activist and showman, always in the middle of a relevant and interesting case) and the community garden (the nurturing work we do with and for eachother and our clients) are powerful messages and predictors about our cases, what we do, why we come together, and the power in our voice.

Thought you would like to hear this message, Pak, Godbless and see you Monday~

May 4/15 Discussion Topic

Are Predictions set in stone? How much is Co-Created?

In my experience as a psychic medium, the short answer is yes to the first and all to the second.

From my personal experience and understanding, based on the readings I have channeled for myself and clients, predictions are sign posts on our path to help us navigate; this means that for one reason or another, you were meant to receive this ‘flag’ so as to identify your next move. Predictions are not ends in and of themselves. How we respond to this information (does it cause us to act or react?) is where the co-creation kicks into gear. Both a carrot and piece of the puzzle, it is one way our guides make their presence known about the issues in our lives they wish to alert us too. Whether it is a lie or a truth is insignificant. How you interpret and use the information mediated to you is up to you; it is where your power, your ability to create, begins.

PathWorking. PathFinding. PathMaking.

May 11/15 Discussion Topic


Ghost Guides & Working with the Dead: Our Ghost of Honor, Ernesto

Ghost Guides are what we call friends who have passed but stay with us to help from the other side. This doesn’t mean that they don’t move on and are stuck as earthbound spirits. On the contrary, this is what is called a mission to give back, a desire to right a wrong, or a need for closure. Whatever the reason, our private practice is filled with such folk who send us their living loved ones and I have to say, one of the best parts of my life and being a medium is being able to tap into these loving friends, relay their messages, and teach how to recognize their signs (communication) and be their voice.

Every week in class, we have a Ghost of Honor who works with our students and their guides to teach the language of spirit by volunteering to be the one that they read and converse with. You know I speak for us all below when I say, thank you for these weekly educational sceances, we feel blessed to be graced with your company, teachings, and physical manifestations of your presence. We love you!

Just before we share with you this story, as a side note, in our classes, we train our students to blind read spirit and remote view, the way that I/we work. This means that when our students are given an assignment to read and converse with a spirit on the other side and describe this entity’s life and death, they are usually not given the gender, name, age or circumstance at death. It is their job to channel this information. You all did Ernie very proud Monday evening and he is very grateful. Furthermore, he wants us to know that as he writes this blog entry through and with me, it is he who shares t/his story.

Let’s face it, how many of us have asked a living person that when they die, to come and give us a sign?

Here is one such story…

Last year this time, on a sunny Saturday in May, Ernesto (a long time dear friend of my partner, Pete), Pete and I, spent the afternoon talking and drinking white wine on an outdoor terrace on the Maine (Boulevard St. Laurent). I shared with Ernie the mediumship work I was doing and he recounted a story about his friend who had passed and later came to visit him as a bird. With no shame about believing in spirit and ‘life after death’ so to speak, we had a laugh as he recounted verbatim the conversation he had with Vinnie, the now bird.

Six months later in late Fall, Ernie, who was already having difficulty walking, fell and hurt his back. This accident prompted a visit to the hospital. Although it wasn’t discovered at first, months later it was; fourth stage lung cancer. Winter time for Pete was all about visiting Ernie in the hospital with requests from him to ‘end his life.’ To say the least, it was a hard time for both.

On Friday morning, May 8, nearly one year later to the day after the 3 of us shared that sunny afternoon on the terrace shooting the *stars, Ernie passed and Pete got the text. That afternoon, while taking a lunch break outdoors, Pete was nearly hit over the head by a ‘passing’ bird. That evening, when Pete called me with the news of his passing, I said, “He is trying to get your attention, by any chance did you see a bird today?” Of which he responded, “Funny you should ask” and began to recount the story along with the many other signs.

The following morning was my turn.

I had the most unexpected, one-of-a-kind experience while outside on my tree-filled forest deck, drinking a cozy cup of coffee. Sitting nestled in the corner on a couch that leans up against the patio window, I began to hear a ruffling noise coming from behind and beneath me. At first I thought it was one of the animals living under my deck but when my two dogs were not picking up on it, which they normally do, I looked down the tiny space between the couch and the window, and saw nothing. Perhaps it could be a mouse, I thought, but I decided to ignore it and instead focus on the beauty of the trees before me.

After a few enchanting minutes mesmerized by the trees, I was prompted to turn my head to my left, and when I did, I was stunned. Sitting next to me on a pillow less than two feet away was a baby blue jay. For twenty minutes he stayed with me, then flew directly to the branch in front.

… A baby blue jay bird, no less! Not only is a baby symbolic of his new journey in another dimension we know as the Afterlife, but the blue jay is also a personal symbol between Pete and I, as well as one of my favorites of animal medicine.

Ernie has been close by watching and participating in each of our lives since his passing, and was our ghost of honor this past week, in Monday night’s class. Although I didn’t want to put any pressure on him since he was new to ‘the death scene’ so to speak, don’t you know, he was ‘all there’ and everyone described him perfectly.

Tuesday evening was his open casket funeral and with his permission to catch spirit on camera, I snapped a couple of photos next to his coffin. Without failure to comply, hahaha (he is laughing), walking towards his coffin appeared a black thick shadow of a spirit. Amazing! I also heard Ernie whisper into my ear veal parmagiana and I could see him sitting in front of a plate of food, eating while watching his service. I quietly turned to Pete and asked, “Did Ernie like veal parmigiana?”

In next Monday’s class, which is about ‘hauntings’ and learning how to read spirit energy in spaces, the Whitewolf Pak’s assignment (the Scooby Doo detective gang as spirits love to call us) is to uncover who this spirit next to the coffin is. Stay tuned!

Thanks Ernesto for the dramatic displays of proof of survival of the soul, thanks for all of your help already, and thank you for choosing to stay on as Pete’s ghost guide. Fly free my friend and enjoy your wings (-;OXO;-)

So, what is one lesson here?

For me, Death always, always, always reminds me to live and enjoy each day of my life as though it were my last.


May 18 Discussion Topic

Ghost of Honor: Catching Spirit on Camera

Just as Pete and I were heading out the door for Ernie’s funeral I thought for a moment if I should take my cell phone since he had his and there was no use to carry a purse if it wasn’t necessary but then I found myself having a quick conversation with Ernie about snapping spirit next to his coffin, and said to Pete, “I am going to take my phone, maybe Ernie will appear on camera.”

He did!

In last night’s class, we all read that photo in meditation and asked Ernie to show us who this spirit was. We each, in our own way, received the message it was him. While during this meditation, we also asked for him to create a physical maifestation, and don’t you know, in the middle of our meditation, the music cut off.

I asked Ernie if I should share this photo and ofcourse he gave me the thumbs up although he did mention to one of our students he was not happy with the color suit and tie they chose for him (Lol). When I saw him lying there I telepathically said: “You are half the size, I don’t remember you so thin!” So when I saw this bigger shadow, I knew it was his way of agreeing with me.

Ernie is clearly our Star Ghost, thankyou for your extraordinary teachings, wow, so much Light, Love and Laughter comes from you, We are blessed to be privy to your journey.


PS. Ernie was all about storytelling, it’s no wonder he is giving us such fabulous stories to share :-)))

May 25 Discussion Topic

Things That Go Bump in the Night: Friend of Foe?

After such a powerful couple of weeks with Ernesto’s wonderful proof of survival gifts, the excitement continued as I repeatedly received emails from students, clients, and friends regarding spirit manifestations happening within their homes. None of this surprised me as I was ‘given a preview’ of what was going to happen with each over the coming months from these various entities, and although all received these channeled messages, what a delightful and freaky surprise it has been for all when it actually happened!

So let us begin with explaining how we feel about spirit visitations a.k.a hauntings. When I say we I am referring to myself and my posse in spirit, and this includes all those I meet and mediate for. Hauntings are similar to dream time experiences/communication except that you are receiving the information while awake. If this sort of contact scares you then try to compare it to a nightmare while dreaming. For the most part, nightmares serve as your spirit guides’ way of getting your attention so you can face a fear, learn the lesson, and move on in your growth. We discuss this in our book Rainbow Medicine: The Yin to my Yang, Therapy with the A-Team! (available this summer through Hay House/Balboa Press).

For us, hauntings are simply an entity’s way of getting your attention for a specific reason. Up until now, all those I have channeled for (+3,000 readings over the last nearly 3 years), including people who felt there was possibly a mal-intent spirit around, I have yet to meet a spirit who wasn’t greatful for the communication, letting me/us know how they are helping the person, and not intending to scare them like they are sometimes perceived.

This is not to say mischievous spirits don’t exist as all that exists below exists above. However, we must never forget that we are each surrounded in the Light by our spirit guides and loved ones, and there are plenty of angels out there to be of extra support when we need them. So, if you feel oppressed by a spirit, chances are themes of oppression, control and misunderstanding are also issues you are struggling with in your relationships with people. My guides have taught me that everything we experience is for our learning, and when we refuse to face our fears, they inturn become the boogey man, projections of our inner mind projected onto ‘the invisible’ i.e. Spirit.

In the end, we are here to discover our true power, stripped of a false facade. What I love most about my relationship with spirit is this honesty. It is they who continue to teach me how to feel comfortable in my own head and skin as they read my mind and see me naked! It is they who show me their true colors because they know I love them and don’t judge. For this reason, I feel blessed to have these honest friendships and I am empowered by them, and as each day passes, it is they who teach me how to live my best life. After all, they know what it’s like when it’s too late.

The next time you feel a spirit manifestation and not sure if you should trust it, take it as a sign to learn the language, and go out and buy an oracle or tarot deck so can you begin to understand who is with you and what they have to say. Ignoring them is like refusing to answer the telephone when a loved one calls. Chances are, this is who is trying to reach you; someone who cares about you, despite what you think of them.

This June we are coming up on our One Year Anniversary of Whitewolf Academy. Since the beginning, we always begin each semester with a group card reading, and the one big message we receive EVERY TIME from our guides is:

Face your fears so there is nothing to fear (8 of swords).

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